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Get the Facts on SB 432

Our economy is struggling. Our budget is perpetually out of balance. Schools, roads, healthcare and public safety suffer. And the legislature is focused on… FITTED SHEETS?? That’s right. SB 432 (de León), would mandate that hotels use fitted sheets, not flat sheets, on all of their mattresses. Why? Good question. Studies show no safety benefits for hotel employees from using fitted vs. flat sheets. So what’s the deal? Perhaps it’s because the bill’s sponsors, the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association, want a new cause of action to sue. But we’ll all pay for the trial lawyers’ legislation.  SB 432 would cost $30 - $50 million to replace sheets and buy the appropriate laundry equipment. On top of that, it would cost millions more in frivolous lawsuits – costs that will be passed on to hotel customers.  Here is why legislators should reject SB 432:

Look at the REAL Motivation.
SB 432 Is About New Opportunities for Lawyers to Sue Hotels

SB 432 is sponsored by the California Applicant’s Attorneys Association (lawyers who file workers comp claims) and the Consumer Attorneys of California (trial lawyers). If they can force a change to fitted sheets, they have a whole new line of lawsuits. California’s Legislature shouldn’t be used as a pawn to breed more lawsuits.